WordPress theme framework Genesis by StudioPress: Review

WordPress theme framework Genesis by StudioPress: Review

Here in this post we are going to talk about the famous WordPress theme framework, the genesis. Genesis is a very popular theme that is available for WP and is one of the best ones out there if you need custom visual and design elements for your website. But before we talk about genesis and why it is worth its price, allow us to tell you about WordPress themes.

What are WordPress themes?

WordPress themes are a sort of plugins or add-ons for your WordPress site. Essentially, they are skins for your site which can change the appearance of your website without any modifications to the base WP configs or framework. This is why almost every person who installs WordPress, the first thing that he does is gets a theme. There are literally millions of themes for WordPress as of now, each with their own unique design, functions, and features. Themes are easy to use and can easily be enabled and even disabled to revert back every customization that you have done with them. Now coming back to the topic.

What is Genesis and how it is different?

Genesis may be called a theme but is not. Instead, it is a framework which acts as a base theme over which you can do your little customization and even install other “child themes” on top of the base theme. It is one of the best, if not the best ‘paid’ theme for WordPress and has a couple of, actually more than a couple of unique features and customization options to offer. Despite all of the customization, child themes and plugins installed, Genesis is not a heavy theme at all. It has a very minimalist footprint, hence it does not increase the load time of your website at all.

Features of Genesis Framework

Here is a list of some of the key points that make this theme one of a kind and unique.

Support for child themes

As I have already told you guys, unlike the other Popular themes for WordPress, Genesis is a foundation, a framework. It a base theme which can be accompanied by ‘plugins’ to further enhance the performance, functionality, and design of your website. Genesis is called the parent theme(the framework) and the ‘plugins’ are known as the child themes. These so-called ‘child themes’ are full-fledged themes themselves, they are fully compatible with the Genesis framework and you can use more than one of these in a single website. All the customization happens on the child themes. So even when you update the framework, the customization work that you have done remains there. You may opt-in to buy child themes for Genesis but there are tons of free ones out there. If you don’t want to pay any additional money, you can get a free one from WP or StudioPress store.

SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimization is very important for a business to succeed. The Whole Genesis Framework and even its child themes pose no threat to your SEO rankings. All of them were written using SEO friend code and have all of the appropriate tags (Schema, OG), descriptions etc. When using Genesis, the overall page size despite all the content on the page comes down to 1-2mb (max), which is very good when comparing with others. Small page size means low loading time, which as you may know is very essential for ranking high in search engines. While other premium themes may offer you SEO friendly coding and other internal settings to optimize your content for search engines, they will not give you a set of SEO tool and custom settings like Genesis do.

Security and regular updates

Studiopress is one of the few devs in the market who actually focuses on the security and integrity of the themes that they publish, Genesis is one of them. Security patch updates get delivered regularly and bug fixes are swift and quick. Along with regular security updates, Genesis is also very quick with releasing new features and pushing out new updates in general. They may do it quick and faster than other but still their updates will not take away your customization that you have done to the framework. Along with that, once you buy Genesis, it is all yours to keep, no subscription charges, free customer support and of course, full security and other updates for lifetime.

Responsive themes and Multi-platform support.

Genesis framework and all of its child themes are fully responsive and work on most of the desktop and handheld mobile devices. Even if your site is not related to, let’s say, mobiles in any way and you expect little to none Android/iOS users on your site. It is still very important!! to focus on the responsiveness of the theme. Take this fact as an example, over 80% of adults have access to smartphones these days. Many of them can be potential customers for your business and you can lose them if your site is not mobile friendly but your competitors are.

Custom Layouts & Plugins

With the genesis framework, customization options for your WP site are unlimited. Different layouts can be set on every different page on your sites. Along with that, you can even set custom templates for each of your posts. And with support for sub/child themes, the customization possibilities become endless in the Genesis framework. Layouts: There are 5+ layout options alone in the genesis base theme. It might not look like much but you can easily switch your pages or even posts to full-width content or content with one sidebar on each side. You can even make your custom ones. Plugins: Plugins are also supported by the Genesis Framework. they work the same way as they do in WordPress. They can add some unique features to base and child themes of Genesis. An example can be the simple menus plugins. This plugin gives you the ability to add WP nav. buttons to the secondary navigation menu on each post or page. So with this, the question arises.

Do you need Genesis for Your WordPress blog?

Genesis, at the time this article was written, was going for around 60 bucks. It is a very reasonable price for this kind and quality of theme. And if you decide to go for a Framework+child theme combo, it will only set back 100$ USD. Combine it with the lifetime support and updates and you have got yourself a great value-for-money deal. So should you get it? Well, it depends, if you are just getting started on the WP game and your site is new and fresh, we would suggest that you go with the free themes. There are tons of good ones out there and it should not be a problem if you are just getting started. But if you are determined to get your business or site started on WordPress and have a little money to spare on customization, then Genesis Framework is the perfect theme to go for.


This concludes our little article on the all mighty WordPress theme framework, Genesis. Thank you for making it to the end, we hope that you liked the post and it has cleared all of your doubts about Genesis Framework (base theme) for WordPress, its features and the Child themes. You can also ping us down in the comments below if you have any doubts in your mind regarding the Genesis framework.